Looking Back

on Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ok ... I kinda feel bad. I was all ready and set to start this blogging thing again and give it a try this time on my now preferred platform, wordpress, but then I realized how many other CS blogs actually refer to mine. And it's actually already doing pretty well in SEO. So as much as I am ashamed as using this blog as my dumping ground, with no regular updates, and even the posts I did make are really in haste and just there with absolutely no effort to fix, I think I am going to have keep this blog.

However, I do plan to start fresh, and make at least one decent post a month. Yes a month. This is what I used to do in school. I'd aim really low, trick my head into thinking that I'll barely pass a course. And then I'd get a B+ and I'd be over the moon. So I'll aim for a month. If I end up doing two a month, that's awesome!

But the thing I have to concentrate on more is the quality of my posts. They really have to start looking like I have some interest in doing this. They shouldn't look like cut and pastes from my POCs.

Let's see.