Refreshing Cache in Commerce Server 2007

on Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Commerce Server heavily reiles on caching to keep the application flowing nice and tidy. During development, there may be cases where you want the application to go and fetch data right from the source and bypass the cache. There are a couple of things you can do:

  1. From the management applications, e.g. Commerce Server Customers and Order manager, you can click on the Profiles or Payment Methods, and then click "Refresh Site Cache" from the task pane.Commerce Server - Refresh Cache

  2. You can browse to the following URL: http://webserver:webservicesPort/OrdersWebService/SiteCacheRefresh.axd?CacheToRefresh=ProfileCache (replace ProfileCache with whichever cache you are trying to refresh).

  3. If you get an access denied error, then you need to add the owner of your application pool to the appropriate section in the web.config of the web services. Look for "SiteCacheRefresh.axd" in your web service's web.config and it will have "". In that section allow access to your application pool owner, or (for development box only) change "deny" to "allow" in the above tag giving everyone free access.
Here is a great link on How to Control the Profile Cache in Commerce Server:


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